You call that a ride?!?!?!?!

Hrrrrmph…..not even 12 miles and only 8 mph. WTF?!?!?! Excuse my language, but, really? Is that a ride?!?!? Does that even count?!?!?!

Sigh…today the humans declared the need for a rest day. Say, what? Apparently, they are not only old and slow but require rests. Sigh…but I suppose it was nice that they took us a long for the day at least. I suppposse.

Today we were in Traverse City. So we toodled…I mean really toodled…8mph toodled along the lakefront, sat and watched the water. Then strolled into town for lunch and hung out while the humans sipped some cider. Again, not a bike event, but Edwin and I were tickled that the host took one look at us and said to the humans, “So, you want a table outside so you can keep an eye on the bikes?” Such service. She clearly knew her fine bicycles….and, yep, inside, parked against the back wall was a very nice bike…carbon, but we aren’t speciest. It was a nice bike.

I have to admit it was a very lazy day. Tomorrow, the humans promise a longer ride and…pssst…no panniers to drag me down. Luxury.

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