Lake to Lake

We have, dear reader, reached a Great Lake. After climbing and climbing and climbing, we travelled down a wonderfully, luscious downhill we were greeted by a classic wind off the lake. While the day wasn’t particularly hot, knowing we were, oh, so very close to the lake told us we’d almost made it to the end of our ride.

Today was a longer day with a couple of good sized climbs. When riding loaded with panniers a ride like this could have done us in….well, not us bikes, but the humans. Still, when climbing I really don’t appreciate the human telling me I’m a bit heavy on the back end. Hrrmph…it isn’t *me* that is heavy, it is all the junk the human considers basic necessities. Yesterday we met a newbie bike-packer on the trip. He wisely shipped home many of his “basic necessities.” If *he* could learn, why not my human?!?!?!? Hmmm?

But, today’s ride was another awesome day. Pleasant with a slight headwind. But such a pretty day. We started by riding around Lake Cadillac, then breaking off and heading north to Traverse City. From an inland lake to Lake Michigan. From this point on we follow the lakes…Michigan, Huron and then back to Michigan until we hit back home. Water therapy at its best.

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