Now, that’s a ride!

After that abysmal showing yester of a lousy 12 miles, today we rode! 75 miles up the Leelanau Peninsula. Sometimes on the east side; sometimes on the west…..which meant…hills to climb to get from one side to the other. Ups and smooth downs. Yeehaw! And the bestest part? No panniers! Woot! Instant weight loss!

And, another gorgeous day. The sand dunes on this side of the lake are impressive. And, apparently, unlike the Wisconsin side, not threatened. Heck…humans are encouraged to climb them here. Feels strange. Needless to say, Edwin and I decided that climbing large piles of sand was not in our best interest.

Tonight we sleep in Northport…that would be Northport, Michigan, of course, not Northport, Wisconsin. A much larger city. Can this weather hold? Or was our epic ride in the rain enough to keep us in good weather? Time will tell.

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