Did you miss me?

OK…maybe that’s just a bit presumptuous, but what would you expect from a bike as beeeeeuuutttiful as me after such a long break?  Hmmmmm?   Surely you missed my wit, my unique perspective on the world?  What?  You didn’t?  Sigh….well…fine.  But, here I am and it is time to get this show back on the road.

So, when last I left you, dear reader, my human was just recovering from having its plumbing fixed.  But, we were getting some rides in Tucson….having fun with Moots and its human….and even managing at the end of the week to ride the whole day.  Yeeeehaw!

Once we got home and settled into a rhythm we even managed a weekend away (yay!) and I got me a nice new, titanium rear rack (not only light, but looked awesome).  Things were looking up….well…until June when they looked down.  Yep.  Crash.  The human was out riding with Galanas, they stopped to see a bike race and as they were leaving, the human crashed.  Yeah…you read that right…the human and Galanas were *not* racing, they were spectating and the human crashed.  What a klutz.  Dislocated elbow and a broken wrist.  Sigh……

So, yup.  That killed my summer.  Instead of riding down the road, I sat on a hook in the basement.  Blah….by the time the human could take me out, it was fall and…well….not much travelling for me.

But…today I am back in Tucson!  Woot!  I came down in the van with Susan and Beth (no horrible baggage handlers for me), but it was *cold*.  Yesterday it snowed.  4″ of snow.  But, it is Tucson so today it is mostly gone.  Lots of dripping water as the snow melts on the roof tops.  But the human brought me inside, put me back together and we went out for a stroll down the bike path.  Ahhhhh….to be riding again!

Should be a good week except…..alas, Moots will not be here.   Moots’ human is headed to the human mechanic to get a new pair of knees.  First one goes in next week.  We’re wishing all good things to Moots’ human…..just won’t be the same without them on the road, but it is good to know that after rehab and some hard work, they can be back with us next year.

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