Snow on the Mountains….

….and snow in the desert.  In all the years we’ve been coming down to Tucson to ride with PAC Tour, this is the most snow we’ve seen.  We’ve had years when it has been cold; we’ve had years where we woke to a light dusting of snow on the palm trees; we’ve had years where we all shuttled due to cold; and last year we had snow in Tombstone, waited until it melted and then took the direct route over Mule Pass to Bisbee.

But in all those years, never have the mountains been so white and snow covered.  Unlike yesterday, most of the snow had melted and there the pavement was dry, but when we reached higher elevations there was some snow in amongst the mequite.

Ah, but the mountains….they were dressed in their finest. Sure, it was a bit nippy riding this morning, but to be out riding again (woot!), to say hi to all the catci, and to just take in the gorgeous views?!?!?!?  What was a little chill in the air?

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