We’re Baaaaccccckkkk!

After yesterday’s success up Mule Pass from the long side, the human decided it was time to just say the heck with it, let’s try to just ride.  After all, the human says that the core hasn’t rebelled in a couple of days — and we’ve been doing only the hilly segments to test things out.

So, today, we did 68 miles!  The full ride!  Woohoo!  OK, so maybe there was a teensy bit of a tailwind…ok…maybe just more than a teensy bit near the end…ok…so if you have to pedal *down* an 8% gradient, perhaps that is just a teensy bit more than a teensy tailwind, eh?  But we didn’t have that tailwind *all* day.  And it was really cold at the start (29F).

Sometimes we come to Desert Camp to play; sometimes we come to train.  But this year?  This year we definitely came to heal.  The human is now 8 weeks post surgery and it looks like we’re going to be having a busy summer, the human, Edwin (and his human) and I.  Yay!

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