My human made it up Mule Pass!   The long way up Mule Pass!  We’re back!  We’re riding!  Heck, we even passed someone on the climb!  Edwin and Moots weren’t quite as excited, but for me and my human this year?  Yay!

But, oh, what a pretty day.  Cold.  But pretty.  Even sleeping in and not starting until 10, we left at 35-ish F.  When we got near the top of Mule Pass, it was snowing and the trees had a dusting on them.  The view from the top overlooking Bisbee showed a lovely Christmas card view.  But, best was coming down into town where the trees with their snow dusting bent over the road.  Perhaps not the views we come down here to see, but pretty as can be, none the less.

So, tonight it gets down into the 20’s, but tomorrow during the day?  Back up to the 60’s.  Weird place this is, but now we’ve seen real snow in the desert.  And rode through it to talk about it.  Cool.


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