A Clyde Day

Why, oh, why did the human bring me down here?  Oh, sure, I’ve been getting to ride a little bit. And the weather, up until today has been lovely….blue skies, just a hint of green in the grasses.  But…today?  Today?

Today the human shouldn’t be riding me, a fine, pampered Waterford.  No, today, the human should be riding Clyde, the Commuter.  Now, Clyde is also a Waterford, but built tough — named an “An Urban Assault Vehicle” by the bike shop that built her.  She’s tough.  Hefty tubes to handle the bumps.  Powder coat paint to handle the stones thrown up from messy urban pavement.  Wider tires and this time of year studded tires.  And, today, we need those studded tires!

We’re currently in Tombstone. Kitchy town, but an amazing brewery where the humans stop first thing while us bikes chill in the courtyard.  The humans said this year’s selection was particularly tasty….what do I know, tho, about beer?  Neither cleans nor lubes my  chain!

So, the original game plan was an indirect route down one of the pretty roads here in southern Arizona.  But due to the lovely temperature of 37F and the white fluffy flakes of snow falling from the sky, we’re chilling indoors and will be heading directly to Bisbee up the long side of Mule Pass later this morning with the hopes that the snow has melted from the pass.

But, really, it is a Clyde day.  Clyde would laugh at this weather.  Not even think twice.  Just consider it another commute to the office.  Sigh…guess today will be a day where I learn a little empathy for my commuting bike sibling, eh?

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