Hello? Hello?

Can someone please come let me out?  I’m still in the back of the lunch trailer?  Hello?  Not much to do here after lunch has finished?  And it is going to get pretty cold tonight!  Hello!?!?!?

Well, I guess i can work on the post.  So, today, the human took me for a beeeeeauuuuutiiiifullll ride down Mission Road.  Pretty ride.  And I got to ride with Edwin and Moots — another Southern reunion.  We were also joined by Ti….no, don’t think another titanium.  Nope.  Another pretty steel bike.  We think the bike is a Waterford, but the bike’s human says no.  But…even has the same pretty steel fork.

Today turned out to be a very nice ride.  The human isn’t up to riding too far, but we did 20 miles and then helped up the lunch crew.  Wait…let me rephrase that…it would be “helped” as a 2 year old “helps”, but it is the thought that counts, I guess.  What it really amounted to was in I got locked into the trailer and the human tried to not add chopped fingers to the chopped salad.  Really not sure the human is much help, but Susan let’s her play.

But, while the human and I played crew, Edwin got to see a herd of javelinas.  All the years we’ve been coming down here and this was the first spotting of javalinas in the wild. Cool, eh?

…….whew….finally got out of that trailer (thank you, Lara!).  Even a bike wants to bask in a little post-ride sunshine.   Washed and in the room where it will be a bit warmer than the trailer.  Whew!

So, tomorrow, if all goes well, we’re going to sag to the first rest stop and ride into Patagonia.  Should be a pretty ride.  Keeping my spokes crossed that we get another lovely tailwind.

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