If it is Saturday…

…it must be Mount Lemmon?!?!?!?

In the winter, back in the cold, frozen north where pretty bikes like me must hibernate until Spring, the humans often do “bicycle shaped exercise” by riding indoors.  They put some training video on one computer, and a foreign movie on another and ride.  They don’t go anywhere, but they pedal and pedal and pedal.

My fellow bike George….oh, wait, let me quick introduce George.  George never gets out.  Ever.  George only lives in the basement, on the trainer.  George is an original Georgena Terry bike that the human bought directly from Georgena when the warehouse was shutting down (geek points…talking to and buying directly from *the* goddess of bicycle design!!)  George doesn’t quite fit the human, but it is close enough to use on the trainer.

So, anyway, my fellow bike George likes to gloat that the human rides hard when they put in the Mt Lemmon virtual reality disk.  George claims that the video is really pretty.  Did I mention that George gloats every winter?  Well, let me tell you…when I get back I’m going to tell George that the video does not do the ride justice.  It is absolutely gorgeous.

The human and I rode solo as the 3 Amigos (Edwin, Moots, and myself — see how happy we look coming up Mule Pass?!!?) have split for the season (we’ll get back together in July when Moots and her human visit us…woohoo!).  For the next week we ride by ourselves.  33108290701_26ee9f0a97_o

But, we headed up the mountain. Took a while to get to the start of the climb, but once we started climbing…oh, the views, the views.  Absolutely gorgeous.  And, a really nice shoulder on the highway.  We rode about 12 miles up the mountain….until we had to turn around to meet Edwin’s human for lunch.  Oh, what fun!

But, tomorrow starts the new week.  Oooo…the riders look strong.  We’ll be shot off the back in no time….but we won’t let that stop us.  We’ll keep riding and riding…and maybe, just maybe we’ll find someone to ride with.  If not, they human says we have some good books lined up to listen to.  Today we learned about the tea trade routes….who knows what we might learn?

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