Just a Nice week of Riding

Well, dear reader, that darn human has silenced me.  First, the human hogged the PC to do work.  Work!  Hello, human?!?!?!  This is a vacation!!!  I don’t care aboutn logistics for our southern crossing in fall….that is *months* away.  I care about now!  And I have a need to express my inner thoughts, to explore my artistic side, do I not?

But, then…to add insult to injury, just when I thought I’d get to post again, the human goes and loses the power cord.  Left it in Tombstone.  Tombstone of all places.  The city that prides itself on maintaining its 1850’s look and feel, complete with dirt streets and re-enactors in costume.  What need would they of a power cord?  Jeez….until we go it back (thanks, Doug!) the human wouldn’t let me post.  Again…that stupid work.  I have *got* to put a stop to that.

But, here I am, posting away….where are we?  Benson.  Not the most exciting of towns, but a nice jumping off point for today’s ride back to Tucson.  Since last we talked, we’ve spent a night in Patagonia (very cool, laid back vibe, and the humans say that the pizza at Velvet Elvis was awesome).

Then a night in Tombstone.  Kitchy Tombstone.  But, this year there was a brewery and we went…twice.  Yes, I got to go to the brewery.  Due to some amazing tailwinds we got to town really early, so the humans went and had a beer, sat around to make sure they were good to go, went back to the hotel, only to be told, “Nope.  Come back in an hour.”  So, back we went with another crew.  Needless to say, the Tombstone Brewery is really good.

After Tombstone, it was Bisbee.  Despite the fact that I get locked up in a shed all night, I still like Bisbee.  Don’t know why.  Perhaps it is the clash between the old copper mine and the artists; perhaps it is the good food options; perhaps it is the fact that every street says, “Come explore” with the steep grades, tiny (or not) old houses, and steps that seem to go on forever.

And, then, it was to Benson.  Not my favorite city on this route, but always a fun day of riding with a long lunch at Kartchner Caverns.  This year, we took a different route, passing by the fort to get the human a pass.  Next week we want to ride through the fort starting Monday and you can only get a pass on one side of the fort so we stopped by on our way to Benson.  Fort Huachuca is amazing for riding.  Big rolling hills with fast downhills followed by steep up hills and gorgeous scenery.  Wheee……whump.. ..wheee.. ..whump.

The weather this week was great.  The first day had those stiff headwinds, but since then, favorable winds and sometimes massive tailwinds.  Heehee…one ride we averaged almost 24 mph over a 15 mile stretch.   Oh, to be that fast always.

And, best of all, Edwin has kept the air intake system on his human working well so we’ve had Edwin and his human for company the whole trip.  And for most of it, Moots and its human have joined us…..the southern trio reunion…..oh, what fun we’ve been having….

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