The Wind Abates for No One

Strong rider.  Weak rider.  Fast rider. Slow rider.  None are immune to the punishment of the wind.  And, today, we took a pounding from the wind.  Sixty miles of which more than 50 were into the wind — a nice strong wind with gusts approaching 30 miles/hour.  Oh, and did I mention, it was all up hill?  Yeah….that, too.  Well, except for one gorgeous 5 mile downhill stretch where we coasted at a pleasant 25 mph.

I’m tired.  What?  Yes, the human may be the engine, but I also had to listen to that wind and I also had to work to keep the bike upright when the human started to flag.  But, you know, it was a really pretty ride.  Mission Road is simply gorgeous.  But, right now, I could use a little pampering and a good nights rest.

Tomorrow, we have a “marshmallow” ride.  Heehee…that’s what my buddy Moots calls it…a marshmallow ride — .  A teensy 30 mile ride.  Given that it is uphill and the winds will still be in our faces, methinks Moots might me a little less sarcastic tomorrow night. We’ll see.

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