I’m Free!

I know, I know, I’ve used that title before, but, seriously….(cue Roger Daltry) I’m free-I’m free, And freedom tastes of reality, I’m free-I’m free, An’ I’m waiting for you to follow me.(end cue)….hard not to hear that song screaming in your head at the start of a trip, eh?

The humans finally came to rescue us this AM when the trailer opened.  It was cold last night (in the 30’s), but before the humans got there one of our favorite crew (you know…they’re *all* our favorites) pulled us out into the sunshine so we could warm up.  Amazing how warm that sun here in Tucson can make you feel.

But, finally, we got to get out of the boxes.  Well, sort of.  So many people to greet.  So 20170225_0939091many lives to catch up on it took us a very long time to become whole again.

You’d never know that this was a tour and not some bizarre family reunion — a family where everyone except for Susan and her sister Beth, no two people look alike; a family where everyone seems to like everyone else.  Hugs, smiles and laughter abounded.

Best part?  Even us bikes get to play.  Oh sure, I was eager to see Moots again.  The humans hugged and caught up while Moots and I quietly caught up — Moots is sporting a spiffy new derailleur and saddle.  But, here at Desert Camp, the humans actually acknowledge us bikes…oooing and awwwing over the new kids…checking out the new gear.  All while summarizing the last year.  It was a fun day!

And I got to ride!  Just a little.  We took a  spin down the bike trail.  Oh, the sun was so warm, the breeze just pleasant, the cacti…well…were cacti. And chipmunks like chipmunks everywhere darting across the trail trying to trip up the bikes.  Ha!  I’ve seen that trick before.

But, now I sleep.  Time to settle in and get ready for our ride tomorrow.  Yay!  We’re riding!




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