If it is February, it must be Arizona

Toes!  Warm toes!  What?  A bike doesn’t have toes?  That is a very specist comment, don’t you think?  My toes may not look like yours, but I have toes.  And right now they’re warm. So there!

Edwin and I left home a couple of weeks back, but for the last week we’ve been in the tender loving care of Susan and Beth as we’ve traveled from Wisconsin to Arizona.  Those women are a blast to be around.  But don’t tell them that those of us in the trailer are listening to their stories and their jokes.  Oh, we can hear them.  Load and clear.  And they’re fun!  More important, isn’t it so nice that they took us down in the trailer so we didn’t have to suffer the indignities of being tossed around by baggage handlers?!?!  So nice these women.  

Now that we’re in Arizona, all that is left is to await the humans.  They’re still in Wisconsin slaving away and won’t get here until Friday.  Arggghh…sure it is warmer here, but I am really, really wanting to get out of this box and stretch!  Beth and Sue got to go hiking, but we’re still in these boxes.   I mean, I know the humans were careful when they packed us, but when they closed the box, the handlebars shifted just a skosch and now I’ve got this spoke just poking me in just the wrong spot.  Blah. 

But, just a couple more days and I can jump out of this box and start riding.  My friend Moots from the southern crossing is coming and I can’t wait to catch up.  We’ll be riding.  Riding.  Eating.  Riding.  Eating.  Riding.  Chit chatting.  And riding.  Yay!  Desert Camp! 

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