….is a bitch.  Mother Nature decided to make sure we understood what those awesome tailwinds could also mean.  Egads, I’m pooped.

Today we road from Tucson to Nogales…essentially, the distance we road the first 2 days of last week.  This is a different week.  Last week was a lovely tour through the historic towns, with pleasant distances; this week the goal is a century every day.  Now, the human and I won’t be aiming for every day, but we will be getting in at least 70 per day.

But, today’s ride was due south with a little westerly push at the end.  And the winds?  From the south, becoming more westerly.  Yes, indeed, today was payback time.  Winds were sustained in the high 20’s with gusts reaching 40.  Woohoo!  Not.  Climbing Mt. Lemmon yesterday was easier than heading south.  Heck, we rode the granny gear most of the way.

Blah….tired does not describe my wheels.  But while I got my chain cleaned and my tires washed, the human sipped down juice that Edwin’s human bought.  We are truly pampered.  We worked for it, but we are spoiled.

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