Let. Me. Out!!!!!

This is getting ridiculous.  I am a sleek, beautiful touring bicycle.  It is bad enough that the human has not taken me on the road for a month.  The humans have been taking Galanas and Blue for rides while Edwin and I have sat in the garage loft trying not to get drywall, wood and tile dust on us.  And, given the state of construction of the human’s abode, not an easy task.

But, Wednesday we headed out for a vacation.  Well, the humans said it was a vacation, but so far, Edwin and I aren’t seeing it.  This isn’t a weekend trip out of the house, so we needed to transport to the start of the ride.  Fine.  I’m itchin’ to get into my travel box and go somewhere.  So, did we?  Nnnnooo….

Instead, they took off our wheels and squeezed us into the back of a car…a compact car.  For the last 2 days, I’ve been squished under a camping mat and Edwin has been jabbing my head tube with his pedal.  Ouch!  The *humans* say this is better because the start is only 7 hours away by car.  Maybe for *them* but this is not quality travel for a bike.  It has been 2 days!

Stupid humans didn’t even do the drive in a single day.  No, they wanted to “play” and take it easy.  Wednesday they stopped in Plover to eat at their favorite Asian restaurant, Bamboo House, and then went and had a flight at the O’So tap room.  This beer thing makes no sense to me, but the humans think it is fun.  No, fun is not trying the different beers and picking out the best; no, fun is riding their bikes.  Now??!!?!?!

So, Thursday we got our hopes up that the humans would take us out.  They drove into Duluth, parked the car, took out their bags and checked in.  Edwin and I were giddy over the thought that we were going to get to toodle along the lake.  Wheee….

….and then the humans left us behind to take a walk.  A *walk*?!?!?!?!  Sigh…and, along the way they stopped at another brewery…Canal Park….had another of those silly flights and dinner and then called it a night.

Hello!?!?!?  We’re still in the car!  Any time you want to let us out…….hello…??..??

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