What a Difference a Year Can Make

Pathetic.  Seriously.  My human is pathetic.  Since Tucson we’ve gotten out for only one long weekend!  Just one!  It is the end of June!  Sure, the human takes my ridiculously pampered and built for speed sibling bike Galanas out for a fast spin regularly and my other sibling bike Clyde gets to go to and from work every day, but me?  Me! expect to get out for a weekend every now and then.

I mean last year by now we had a lots of weekend adventures.  We’d been to Door County, to Sheboygan, heck, even to New Glarus.  But this year?!?!?!  This year we got all the way to Whitewater.  Shhheeez…55 lousy miles one way.  OK.  Maybe it was a little hot and maybe the wind was a little strong, but, dear reader, please recall we rode in 104 degree heat in Arizona and suffered sustained winds in Mississippi that were stronger than last weekend’s gusts.  But the kicker?  The human was trashed when we were done.  Embarrassing.

Yes, my human is out of shape.  SusanN is looking for interest for next year’s Southern.  I keep reminding my human we have a bone to pick with those 114 miles we failed to ride last time….prodding…reminding….but how the heck am I going to get the human back into shape!??!?!  A bike has just got to ride and it isn’t fair to me to keep me locked in the garage!

New Mexico is taunting me!

One response to “What a Difference a Year Can Make

  1. Susan F Rosenblatt

    So sorry to have missed you at Desert Camp this year. Maybe next . . . I hope you manage to motivate your rider to do the Southern! Hugs!


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