The Party’s Over

Turn out the lights
The party’s over
They say that all
Good things must end
Call it a night
The party’s over

What a rip roarin’ way to end the week.  Finally that tub o’ lard human propelled me at a speed commensurate with my fine, steel heritage.  At one point we had a sustained 30mph for over a mile as we tooled down the freeway.

“Wait!” you say?  “How can your human sustain 30mph?”  Well, let me tell you.  Mother Nature was amazingly kind to us this week.  For the most part she chased around southern Arizona with a tailwind.  Oh, sure, we had an occasional headwind, sometimes a rather stiff headwind, but that was just Mother Nature’s way of making sure we knew how pleasant it was to ride with the wind at our back.

And ride we did.  Every one of my gears got used at some point — the easy ones as we climbed the passes; the big ones as we tooled along the 1% down hills with the wind at our back.  Wheeee….

But, alas, dear readers, for us the party is over  All us bicycles must find our way back into our boxes for the long trip home where some of us will have to sit on the shelf awaiting the spring thaw.  But, for the PAC Tour crew, tomorrow a new week begins, tomorrow starts the same old thing again.


One response to “The Party’s Over

  1. Susan Rosenblatt

    It’s so nice to see you on the road again ant to learn of your adventures with Carol, Dennis, and Edwin. I wish we had been at Desert Camp with you, but we are having fun with Aracely. Safe trip home to all of you, and hope to see you soon!


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