I’m Free

Finally!  Finally, the humans came and let us out of that *&^$^! car.  They made it up to us by giving us a nice, fresh coat of chain lube and even polished us up (we are, after all, set to meet some new friends tomorrow and need to look our best).

So then we toodled down the lakefront.  It was a lovely day and the lake was so20160908_175322 pretty you had to wonder why Superior has such a reputation.  But, we watched the aerial bridge go up and headed down to the end of the isthmus.

Duluth has a very nice bike trail along the lake, so after lunch we continued our toodling and went north until we ran out of bike trail.

So, then the decision was….take to the road and go further or chill on a park bench and just enjoy the afternoon?  Now, I’m sure you think that I’d vote for ride, eh?

20160909_133737Nope.  After living in an abode under construction, it felt good to just chill under a tree.  Ah…the fresh air….the breeze…

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