In multi-stage bicycle racing, when the day is mountainous, the sprinters hide at the back of the peleton (sometimes wwwwaaaayyy at the back of the peleton) and save their legs for another day.  The back is called l’autobus (the bus) . The idea is that if they all stick together and they miss the time cut, they won’t be cut because they all can’t be cut.

Well, it doesn’t work that way in PAC Tour…if you don’t make the time cut, you don’t make the time cut.  But, that doesn’t stop l’autobus from forming….voila, l’autobus:21727619211_4466bbb32f_oNow, the picture was taken by a human, so it focuses on the humans, not the bikes (….sigh….), but that’s my human, Edwin’s and Pat (you can almost see *her* bike, Moots).  We make up the primary autobus….sometimes Mark and his gorgeous Waterford join us (until they get bored with us on the hills), sometimes Greg comes along when he wants to take it easy.

Tomorrow we have a time cutoff so l’autobus will need to kick it up a notch.  Yes, tomorrow is the last day, but before the ride ends, everyone will regroup and do the final stretch onto Tybee Island together.  Cool, eh?

And then, you’d think the humans would reward us bikes, wouldn’t you?  But, no….instead the humans will take us bikes apart, stuff us into boxes and get us ready to jump into the back of a FedEx truck or the baggage section of the plane.  Some reward for carrying their sorry butts across the country…..<grumble />  And then!  Then!  The humans have a party!  Without *us*, the bikes!  WTF….

But, we’ve made it 26 days and have just tomorrow to go.  No celebrations, just yet.

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