Tybee Island, Georgia!

We made it!  Who’d’ve thunk?  That human made it to Tybee Island.  OK, so we missed out on 114 miles wwwwwaaaayyy back in Arizona/New Mexico when the human learned that 8 hours of sleep just ain’t sufficient when you’re riding 100+ miles of mountains per day.

Since then, the human has been eating and sleeping such that in the last 18 days we’ve missed a time cut off just once… once, I tell you.  And today!  Oooo……today we made the time cutoff by 5 minutes…. and to make that 5 minutes we had to work *hard*….we caught Cov’s wheel coming out of town, struggled as she hammered up the hills and pulled into the first rest stop in record time (and, as Pat pointed out, without a tree-side…uh….errr…facility stop).

From the first to the second stop, we grabbed the draft of the East Coast peleton who happily pulled us into the second stop.  We then hit lunch on Marcy and Cov’s wheel.  A quick lunch and off we were….shortly there after, due to Cov’s victory flat, we found ourselves alone, but, darn, the human managed to keep up the pace and we pulled into the regroup with…..whew….5 minutes to spare (uh, Susan? that was significantly faster than a 12 mph elapsed moving average, ma’am!).

But, we did it!  96% of the miles and 90% of the climbing.  Not EFI, but we learned things, we’ve gotten stronger and, heck, we broke our goal of 90% of the miles.  Woohoo!

[Oh, and the Atlantic looks like the Pacific and…uh..errr…not much different than Lake Michigan]

3 responses to “Tybee Island, Georgia!

  1. Congratulations Edwina and your human and also to Edwin and his human!


  2. Susan Rosenblatt



  3. Sue & Joe Puhek

    Congratulations on your accomplishment! Celebrate tonight! Have a safe trip home. It was super to be able to follow along with you thanks to your blog. We know you must have been exhausted after riding and didn’t always feel like writing. We appreciated it.


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