Whew!  After all this time, dear reader, we have arrived in our last state.  This morning, very early in the morning, we crossed the Chattahoochee River and entered the state of Georgia.

It was a spooky, cool crossing as the river is dammed so that we had a mile-ish to get across.  The Alabama side was clear, but the Georgia side,,,,ooo….the fog and clouds…. even the sun couldn’t break through those clouds and it almost looked like the moon.

As we rolled up and down the hills on the Georgia side we would go down into the fog and then up into the clear and look down on the fog lining the valley… very, very nice.

We rolled near Plains and waved in the direction of Brother Jimmy (Cousin Jimmy to Pat) as we went by.  And all would have made for a great day in Georgia except for one little problem that Pat was wont to refer to as “The Twilight Zone.”

We’d be rolling down a country highway and see a mile marker… we bicycles like mile markers as it lets us know how far we’ve gone without having to talk to the GPS.  When we crossed into Georgia, we got mile maker 1…yep, we just entered the state….. we’d turn onto a new highway and get another mile marker 1.  OK…fine…. we changed highways.  Then we’d toodle a little further down that highway, get incrementing mile markers and think all was good… until… wham…. back to mile marker 1….we pedaled and pedaled and no matter how hard we pedaled…. back to mile 1.

Needless to say a very long and exhausting day…. somehow the GPS claims 119.9 miles, but if we go by the mile makers…. we just did the same 5 miles over and over and over….

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