Gettin’ your kicks….

…on Route 66.  OK…corny again, but today we did ride upon Route 66 including past the oft filmed tepee hotel and the plaster dinosaurs.  Twas a fun ride, but given that some sections of the road have not been maintained much since the freeway went in….uh….errr…a kick in the pants.  Very rough riding on a road bike.  Heck, I’m not sure the human would have been very happy with Clyde, the commuter, on some sections.

Today we saw more grass prairie that eventually become rolling hills as we rose in elevation to 7000′.  Overall a pretty ride…until the weather changed.  T-storms moved in, the lightening struck, the thunder sounded, the breeze became a 25 mph headwind and….we called it quits.  When the van rolled by we jumped in.  So, we lost 20 miles of riding, but given the looks of the front riders, it was a good choice to pull it in.

But I’ve been pampered and am ready for tomorrow; the human visited Barb The Message for a “flush” — such a weird sounding term but if it keeps the human riding and me rolling down the road, they can call it whatever they want.

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