New Mexico!

Today we crossed another state line and entered New Mexico and crossed the Continental Divide.  While we’re at elevation, we’re still in desert.  Grassland and scrub.  At one point we had another pine forest… and..oooo…a stretch of desert sage….mmmmm…

The Irish say that there are no bluer blues or greener greens than the morning after a rain.  That holds for the desert as well… the sky was brilliantly blue and the grasses and trees green.

But, today’s ride was set to be 156 miles and because of the length, had strictly enforced time cutoffs.  We made the first 2, the second by just 1 minute, but we arrived at lunch with only 5 minutes to eat.  Nope.  My human engine cannot operate without a good lunch stop so we took the van option for 23 miles and then picked up riding at the next stop.  Needless to say still a very long day.

Oh… and before I tuck my tired wheels into bed, we got to see the very large array of satellite dishes…. we were listening as we went by, but we didn’t hear any alien transmissions, either…

2 responses to “New Mexico!

  1. Sounds like one hell of a trip. Are you on schedule?


    • [chuckle]…I know a couple of software projects that could learn a few things from Lon and Susan. The schedule is what the schedule is. Rain, headwind, tailwind, sun burn, bike failure, human falter, tire flat, roads that are flat, roads that go up hill….nothing affects the schedule. You either work overtime (yesterday we arrived in at 6:40PM) or you cut scope. In this case you cut the miles and take a van “bump” up the road.


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