Standin’ on the Corner…

…in Winslow, Arizona….

Too corny of a posting title even for me?!?!?!?  But, you have to understand that I’m very tired and very punchy.  It was a really long day.  And, yes, we’re in Winslow.

While the total elevation gain was less than yesterday, the climb was long, continuous and steep.  Then, when we should have seen a downhill, we had a headwind.  Argggh….

But, we climbed into a gorgeous high pine forest so it was worth it.  After lunch we played up on the ridge in the forest and then came out onto grassland/scrub prairie.  That’s where the winds picked up and our ride turned into a bit of a slog.

Initially it was quite pretty, but we had more 40 miles of pushing in the grassland.  I was reminded of stories of the meseta along the Camino de Santiago.  It is also a high grassland that goes on forever and ever and the pilgrims are known to hallucinate.  OK, not quite that bad, but, as you approach Winslow you can’t see the city.  So, even though you know you’re 3 miles out, still all you see is grassland.  Heck, even at 2 miles, nothing but grassland.

But we made it and are staying at a really cool hotel… La Posada.  It is an old Harvey House with an amazing restaurant.  But…. do I get to see the inside?  Nope….. lunch trailer for me…. and I have to listen to Edwin whine, “you get to do all the riding and I have to sit in this trailer all day… and then they took my shifter and gave it to you..will I ever get to ride….” Whine, whine, whine.

But, Edwin’s human found him a shifter… well, Bob Olsen from Wheelwerks in Crystal Lake, Il found him one and is shipping it ahead.  Edwin will be back together in no time.  Bob should be Edwin’s hero and will be as soon as Edwin stops whining.

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