Sorry, dear readers, but I cannot tell you of my travels today.  I am recovering from transplant surgery.  My rear derailleur brifter went wonky and Edwin was kind enough to offer up his (since his human won’t be riding for a few days yet).  I’m feeling a little tired after all of the attention I got, but please let it be known I got my human over the 104 miles and 8500 feet of climbing.  8500 feet.  3 large absolutely gorgeous mountain passes.  And my reward?  A hand transplant.

But I’m back together (did I mention once before that PAC Tour crew are the bestest?) and ready for <argh> another 7000 feet of climbing</argh> tomorrow.  Hope the human’s legs hold out.  Today we were last wheel (human is a flat lander)…. but… we never fell too far behind so we got to finish.

I’d tell you more, but I need my rest.

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