One state down…a whole bunch more to do.  Today we crossed the border into Arizona.  Did you know that saguaro cactus are not allowed into California?  Not true?  I think so.  In California we saw lots of cholla, but it wasn’t until we crossed the border that we saw our first saguaro.  So, clearly, it must be the case that California has blocked the emigration of the saguaro from Arizona, eh?

But as we moved further north and into higher elevation not only did the desert become more interesting, but so, too, did the temperature moderate.  While the human still insists on that stupid sock of ice (which, btw, made my chain squeak), at no point did that engine overheat today.  Currently (at 7:30PM) the temperature is a pleasant 93F.

Over the last couple of days, one is constantly wondering what would possess travelers to cross the California desert.  It was hot, rocky and formidable.  Yet, multiple times we crossed the stagecoach lines so you knew that people were crossing along the route we took.  Clearly you needed to be driven by something — be it desperation or something tantalizing (aka, gold) on the other side.

Of course, one would also then have to question what would possess a bicycle to ride across that same desert, but…. no…. one would never question that….

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