Another day in the desert, my friends.  Another hot day.  Another day of salt and water dripping from the human onto my pretty frame.  And, to add insult to injury, the human filled one of the water bottles with jamaica.

For you gringos, that is ha-MY-ka, not the island (sorry Odette) and it is hibiscus tea and when you buy it at the taco stand it has plenty of sugar.  Great for the human, but eeeee-yewww it made a mess of my finish.

But with an awesome tailwind and a relatively flat day, the human had plenty of time to pamper me with a wash and oil my chain.  So I’m looking pretty good and feeling OK after 3 days in the desert.

So…. what did we see?  Let’s see… we pulled out of El Centro with the sun barely over the horizon.  So we didn’t really see anything but sun for the first 5 miles… but wait, that’s not what you’re asking, eh?  Well…. in 100 miles (102.6 to be exact) you get different terrain.  More desert with green ocotillos; a lot of desert with interesting rocks — copper and iron ores coloring the rocks; and sand dunes.  Edwin’s human snapped this shot…. dunes as far as the eye could see.dunes

All things considered a rather pretty, uneventful day.  If all days were like this one, we’d do OK.  But…desert climbing again tomorrow…..<shudder />

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