Where’s Edwin?

I could tell you, dear reader, about the day, but it would be hard to express in the day in just words.  Lovely 65F start in Julian down a gorgeous canyon descent (one that we hardly ever use the brakes for…wheeee!), to high desert with fully leafed out ocotillo to dry desert to rocky desert, scrub desert, cultivated hay fields (egads, there was a lot of hay).  As we progressed, the temperature rose to a balmy 112F.

But, instead we need to assure you, dear readers, that Edwin (and his human) are fine.  Edwin’s human doesn’t ride very well in the desert so his human is currently on one of the lunch crews.  Not that the humans are eating much food in the heat, but the lunch crews put out a great spread (Edwin has promised to write a post about the more “unusual” lunch requests later).

But, let me tell you, dear reader, there are no better support people in the world than PAC Tour crew.  Yesterday when the human overheated and cramped up (along with almost all of the participants), the crew was pushing salty foods, salty water, offering encouragement and support to make sure the humans could continue to ride.

Today, when the human was starting to flag in some headwinds, out of apparently nowhere came Susan N. to provide encouragement.  Then, just as the water was emptying, there was Allen with the Caravan offering ice and fresh water.

These are hard days in the heat, but it isn’t the riders who are accomplishing  a lot… it is the crew that makes it possible.

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