And we haven’t even hit the real desert!  Heat wave in San Diego brought the temperature into the high 80s with high a bad Wisconsin summer day.  The human was overheating…and one point she was dripping sweat and water from the ice sock such that I was checking the road to see if was really raining!  Eeks.

But, we made it.  Lots of breaks.  A heck of a lot of salt tablets most of which was sweated out (oh, have mercy on the finish of my bike).  But my human wasn’t alone.  Everyone had black shorts that had turned a shade of gray; most of the humans cramped; some had to do partial sags.

But, the sad part is that the humans really didn’t get to appreciate the scenery.  Once we pulled out of San Diego, the mountains opened and the views were absolutely gorgeous.  But…well…I looked and I kept telling the human to look and well….that worked for a while and then it was back to climbing and stopping for salt….salt….salt….more salt….

And lest I forget I must pick on the human.  We had just gone through a section of 14% grade and the human was faltering (hmmmm….I tell the human to eat at the rest stop — eat more — but does the human listen?!?!?).  Along the side of the roads were signs.  Brightly colored; each offering different fruits and vegetable.  About ever 3 sign was honey.

The signs went on as we climbed up; the human was getting more tired; the signs kept coming.  That honey sounded amazing — wet sugar….mmmmm.  After about 1/2 mile of uphill there was a driveway to the farmer’s stand.  Woohoo!  It was open.  There was the honey, but the smallest jar was a pint mason jar.  Crazy on a bike, but that didn’t stop the human.  Bought it.  Opened it up and drank it.  Not the whole thing, but over the next several miles we went through more than 1/2 cup….manna….manna from heaven (or in this case, the bees)

One response to “Hot!

  1. Carol, Your reports are just great! Very fun and informative. Sounds like a very tough day. Hope Julian was nice. Tomorrow you get to descend and enter the real heat! Cheers!


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