Dog Beach

If you’re going to ride from coast to coast you cannot start “near”…you have to visit the beach and today the beach we did visit.  Funny, tho, to be honest it didn’t look much different than a visit to Lake Michigan on a windy day — a big pond of water that says to me, “bicycles turn now or find yourself a boat.”

Still it was clearly different…smelled different and the ride along the waterfront with all the walkers, runners and beach cruisers screamed “You are now in California.”

So, we rode from the hotel, to Dog Beach where I got my picture taken.  I didn’t go all the way down to the water (sand is not a pretty bike’s best friend), but if you look close you can see the little doggie I picked up at Dog Beach and put in my saddle bag!  20150912_065513Ha! Not really, but it looks like it, eh?

So, tomorrow we start the riding.  Uphill.  It is the first big bump on the elevation plot below.  Quite a bump, but they say it is a lovely ride.  20150912_091115

Oh, and since some of you asked…here is the map of the route:20150912_090942

One response to “Dog Beach

  1. Have fun & stay safe Edwin & Edwina. Tell that to your humans, too.
    We will be following along on your adventure.


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