Are We Ready?

That’s what the human keeps asking, but I have to question the use of “we”….I have been ready since the day I rolled off the production line in Waterford.  It isn’t my fault that the human took the next eight years to try to get ready for this trip.

So, now we shall find out if all those miles have made a difference.  Lots of long days; lots of long days followed by long days; and hills, lots of hills.  But, only in the weeks to come will we find out if the human was ready or…. sigh… we fall of the pace and ride only “most of the way” across the country.

But, today ELast Gaspdwin and I got put back together and the humans took us out to the park.  We all chilled in the shade and just soaked up nothingness.  This was the last chance to do nothing until October.  Just a nice lazy day.

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