Boxing Events

For some odd reason I have been asked about my boxing event.  I found this an puzzling question, so I searched my memory.  The humans often chatter as we roll down the road.  Sometimes I listen (most times I find the conversations rather, shall I say, too human-ish for comfort), but, if I recall much of the conversation, boxing events occur when things of value type are removed from their fast, efficient state and forced to be stored in a distant location, a location where they are less efficient and look like everything else.  The location is called a box and when the value thing leaves the box, the garbage collector comes and takes it away.

Hmmm…I’m of value and I can be fast (if I had a fast human) and I’m currently living in a box where I am slow to access, but….wait a minute…..I’m getting on a plane tomorrow…but what’s this about garbage?…I thought I was good and going to ride…to have fun…not to be thrown into the gar….

[Chill, Edwina…the question asked was how do you get into your box for travel; what do you look like when you’re in the box?]

Oh…sorry…it is a little stuffy here in the box and I don’t think very well.  Well, here I am in my boxed glory.  As you can’t see, my fork, the front half of my frame and rear wheel are at the bottom of the box.  Then the handle bars weave through those pieces, the rear half of the frame placed on top and then the front wheel goes on top.20150908_170004The big white pieces are spacers that keep the edges of my suitcase from pressing in on me.  Then I’m wrapped up in a net so that the nice folks at the TSA can make sure I get back into the box after they inspect me.

It takes the human about an hour to get me into the box and another short hour in San Diego to put me back together.   Sometimes my wheels need a little TLC when I get there, but I’m a pretty experienced traveler now and have learned that after a little discomfort for the trip and then….wheeeeee…miles and miles of riding.  San Diego here we come!

[Note: Edwina wasn’t too far off with her description of boxing events. For a bike, she did pretty good; heck, better than some of my students.]

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