Just a Moment to Breathe

So, dear reader, my apologies, but it has been a busy 6 weeks.  In that time, the human and I rode and rode.  Then, when we were done riding, well, we rode some more.  Never have my tires seen so much road in in a single year…eeks, and I have another 3000 miles to go before I sleep for the winter.

To summarize, after the last trip, we travelled to the top of Lake Winnebago and back (we meant to go around, but it was EAA weekend) and we did the Dairyland Dare (250K, I tell you…250K of ups and downs, but I think it was mostly ups, steep ups…lots and lots of ups that had little ups and even some big ups inside).  We followed that up an easy a trip to Whitewater, but it turned into a 90 degree slog, and then we had to cancel a trip to Sheboygan (the human got stung by a bee and decided to stay local and monitor — something about allergies, but what would a bike know about allergies).

Whew!  After that, the human said I’d get a trip to the spa for new parts.  You’d think that would have given me time to blog, but..nnnnnnoooooo…before I could even put letters to the screen, I was whisked to the bike shop.  Don’t get me wrong, who wouldn’t want a week at the spa?  But a little breathing time would have been nice.  Still, a lovely week it was.  I went in a tired, disheveled bike and came out bright and shiny.

So would I get a break then?  Nope…human and I were off to the Cream City Century.  Big deal, eh?  What’s 100 miles?  Piece of cake…well…unless you ride to and from the start and turn it into 164 miles.  But, as the final test of our training, even that 164 miles was a piece of cake.  Maybe, just, maybe we’re ready.

So here I sit, all twisted up in my box, frame in two pieces, just waiting to fly out to San Diego.

2 responses to “Just a Moment to Breathe

  1. Susan Rosenblatt

    Carol, Dennis kindly sent me the link to your blog. How enjoyable it is! I know you will have a wonderful time on the transcontintal, and I am looking forward to living vicariously through your blog! Susan


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