BSOs are Bicycles, Too

I’m still parked in the garage “between trips”, but I just wanted tell y’all about the most amazing day I spent parked in the basement.  Yes, really.

So, at the end of our last weekend, the human and I rode directly from Burlington to work.  Normally, riding into work is done by Clyde, not me, but since I was with the human Monday morning, I got to go to work!

And, it wasn’t just a normal Monday, it was Bike-to-Work week Monday.  When we got to work, the basement had about 30 bikes in it; after the human parked me, another dozen or so arrived.

Oh, and the variety of bikes: fast bikes, slow bikes, new bikes, old bikes.  The conversations we had!  But, for me, the most interesting conversations were with the BSOs (Bicycle Shaped Objects).

You may remember me bemoaning getting locked in the shed in New Glarus with the <shudder>BSOs</shudder>.  But, you know what? I didn’t give them a chance.  Here’s what I learned….BSOs get humans riding bikes and they have to work harder than us pretty bikes.

Think of it this way, BSOs are like humans born with bad genes and a lifetime of poor nutrition.  Life is tough and their work is harder.  Heck, I’ve got it easy.  My human is in shape (well, relatively speaking) and takes care of me by keeping me clean and my chain greased.  Some of those BSOs?  Eeks…they have to operate with rusty chains and wheels that go wobble and their human?  Well….at least by riding those BSOs the humans will get healthier and maybe even learn to take care of their bikes.

So, this pampered primadonna owes an apology for the last posting…BSOs are bicycles, too (and better bikes than I).

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