Well, dear reader, my apologies for the delay in telling you the tales of our trip from Burlington to New Glarus, but….sigh….I got locked in a shed!  Locked.  In.  A.  Shed.  Not just any shed, but a smelly, smoky shed.  Is that any way to treat a bike as gorgeous as I?!?!?!??!

But, let me step back to the beginning.  So, the human and I set out on a long round about early morning trip to Lake Geneva for breakfast.  Edwin and his rider would come along directly later.  Well, true to form, Jeeps didn’t do its job and we got lost.  Twice.  Finally, we rolled into breakfast having travelled up and down some pretty good-sized hills.

After a good breakfast at Simple Café, we headed west to New Glarus with <finally> a tailwind </finally>.  It was a great ride and the hills at the end didn’t seem to affect my human.  We just rode along and clocked in 118 miles.  It was a really pleasant day until we got to the hotel with the anti-bike sentiment.  Just because all those dusty BSOs come in having ridden on the Sugar River Trail is no reason to discriminate against me!  I’m hardly dirty at all!  But, nnnnoooo!  Into the bike shed I went.  Me!  Pretty me, locked up with 8 BSOs.  At least Edwin was there to keep me company.  Hrrmmph.

Today we rode back.  A nice enough ride.  The storms came through early so we managed to stay dry the entire return trip.  Given the weather predictions, we were very thankful.  The human was tired, though, so we didn’t ride as fast today.  But, tonight, I sleep in the hotel room even if I’m a little dirty and am looking forward to a nice bath tomorrow night.

Next trip, we’re going to try for 150 miles!

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