Now, Where Were We?

So, last I left you, we were in Sheboygan.  Well, time has passed.  We made it back to Milwaukee that day, although it was a lot of work.  The winds were in our face the whole time and if we didn’t have a little shelter…..<shudder />…at one point the wind almost held us still.  Very hard riding, but we made it home.

Now, why haven’t I written before now?  Well, I’m trying to be patient with the human, but my site is still….not quite what I need it to be.  I can’t post inline pictures and the style is OK, but we need better.  When I complained to the human, the human pointed out that between the rides with me and the rides with my sibling bikes, the human is spending almost 20-30 hours/week.  That’s a part-time job!  Sigh….ok…so I’ll just have to cope and post without pictures for now.

But!  We’re back on the road.  Just a short Friday night ride into Burlington and tomorrow we head to the hills!  New Glarus is our destination.  And, we got payback on the last trip — tailwinds all the way, with tailwinds predicted for tomorrow.

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