New Member to the Team

We have a good thing, the humans and us bikes.  We travel down the road.  Sometimes talking; sometimes quiet; sometimes singing.  OK, the singing would be me — when the wind is just right, the air blows over my drain holes and I can sing, but, I digress….

So, we have this great thing going and then the human has to bring in Jeeps.  What an irritating, whiny little <explicative />.  I could handle its back of the handlebar driving, “Hey! Turn here!  Hey!  Turn there!” but it kept trying to change our course.  And when we told it that it was wrong, it was just like the human’s students, “If you gave me more points to work with I would do better.”  So, every time we entered a city we had to listen to Jeeps, “No, I see a better route to the left!” when we could clearly see the road was missing.

And, don’t get me started on its behavior on the bike trail.  Thru Manitowoc there is this nice little bike path that parallels Hwy 42.  It is, what, maybe 15 feet off the road?  And the whole way, Jeeps is going, “No! No!  Turn right!  Turn left! (which, btw, would have put us in the lake!)  Give me more points! Points!” Whine, whine, whine.

I sure hope Jeeps settles down.  Apparently much as I would like to dump it, the human wants it along and promises that soon it will stop being so darn whiney.  Well, it better! <whine />

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