It is about time, but the human finally got in a full century.  Apparently the human has been out riding with my sibling bike, Galanas for the last month.  Well, not always Galanas.  Apparently, Galanas is too fragile for the first portion of the ride, so the human rides off on Surly or Clyde for the first 30 miles, then comes home, shoves an unbelievably large bowl of oatmeal with a whole vineyard’s worth of raisins into the engine and then picks up Edwin’s human and they go for coffee.  Hrrmph…they call it going for coffee, but neither drink coffee; they drink “chai” (so much more refined, don’t ya think?…but I digress).

Anyway, they’ve been off riding a “century” every week but that century has been about 95 miles.  Oh, they ride faster than we do, but it isn’t *really* a century, now, is it?

Now *today* we road a century!  Took off from Sheboygan at 6AM for a 30 miler to Plover and back.  My, oh, my, did we have company on the road.  Lots and lots of bicycles of different shapes and sizes.  Then, we came back, picked up Edwin and flew into Algoma. Flew, not because the human was riding very strong; flew because we had 15mph tailwinds.

But, it was a pleasant ride and I steadily got the human back up over 100.  My siblings may have been taunting me for the last 2 months while I sat in a box in the basement and *they* got to ride, but I just want it clearly stated that the last time the human rode over 100 miles was with me. *I* rode with the human for 200K.  Not those pampered bikes that live in the garage, but *me*, break me into 2 Edwina.   Hrrmph.

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