On the Road Again

….it feels so good to be back on the road again…..finally!  I’ve been sitting in my box, impatiently waiting for that stupid human to put me back together again.  I mean, really!  How long does it take?  An hour, maybe?  So put me together already!  Sheesz,  And you know the worst part?  The human didn’t even do it, this time.  I had to suffer the foreign hands of Edwin’s human.  Sigh…some humans try, but they just aren’t quite as efficient.  But….enough complaining.  Today we rode!

We left home this morning around 9:30 (apparently the human played a little hooky), stopped by the human’s office to drop off the computer (where I got visit Clyde’s home away from home) and then rode up to Sheboygan.  It was a really nice ride….it felt good to be riding again.   Nothing spectacular — just pleasant riding along the lake, stopping for lunch along the way and a scrumptious donut in Oostburg before rolling into town for pizza — wood fired naples-style pizza.  OK, I don’t get to eat it, but the human gushes about it.

Tomorrow looks like another beautiful day, but then the weather will turn….or maybe we can hope…

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