It is All Relative

No…not like Edwin and I are sibling bicycles…relative as in comparison, I guess.  Today we rode out of Tucson to Nogales.  Now, if you recall Dear Reader, I gushed last week about riding Mission Road (Happy New Year!).  After all, it is one of the prettiest roads to ride (even with the great, big honkin’ mine).  So, today’s route which began down Mission Road should have been awesome, right?  Well….

Yes, Mission Road was lovely and it was greener than last week, but…..Mother Nature seems to be a bit cranky and threw some headwinds at us.  Not the nagging headwinds of 5-10mph, not even irritating headwinds of 10-15mph….nope…..we got 25+mph headwinds all the way down Mission Road.  Ouch.  10mph moving average.  Just like that ride into Bisbee — strong headwinds with a slight incline.  We were worried, the human and I, that if those winds kept up we wouldn’t get to Nogales until after 6PM.

But, thankfully, those winds did scale back into *only* the irritating range.  Funny thing was, after Bisbee and after today’s segment on Mission Road, those irritating 15mph headwinds almost felt like a tailwind.  Yep, it is all relative.

But, everyone was tired coming in today after fighting headwinds for 80 miles.  New week; new group of riders.  While we’ve never met a rider group on PAC Tour we didn’t like, this group seems especially nice.  Should make for a fun week even if we are riding solo most of the time, the human and I — Edwin’s human is doing better, but this week he is crew (<chuckle>nothing like having an inside line to the chuck wagon to keep my human fueled and riding</chuckl>).

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