What a lazy day!  Edwin and I have our tires up, resting and basking in the sunshine and warmth.  No riding today for us today.  Today is a rest day.  Tomorrow with a ride to Nogales to start another week of riding.

So, Dear Reader, when last I left you we were exhausted, pooped, tuckered out, totally done in after the ride into Bisbee.  That headwind really, really did us in.  We spent the night in the trailer while the humans wined and dined in Bisbee and slept in the luxury of the Copper Queen.  All was well……until….right on unfortunate schedule, Edwin’s human fell victim to dry desert air and higher elevation.  Bummer.

So, we left Edwin and his human in the capable hands of Lon and Susan, and we toodled our way down the road.  Once at lower elevation, Edwin’s human was doing better so Susan put him back on the bike for the final leg into Tucson.  It went well and so we’re hoping that Edwin will get some time on the road in the coming week, as well, although Edwin’s human is officially crewing (as in supporting riders, not rowing on the San Pedro — it does have water this year, but not that much).

But…so far, so good.  The human is not in best of shape, and today was no riding to rest up.  Weather pending (<grrr>snow in the forecast</grrr>) we hope to try to get in one century.

Here’s to Week #2!

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