F…! F…! F…!

Not a good day for the tour.  What started out as a lovely day of riding ended with the depressing view of the paramedics on the road just outside of Tombstone.  Every bike and rider approaching that scene immediately fears it is “one of us.”  This time, it was and it was one of our most beloved fellow riders.  The rider is declared to be “fine” after an ambulance ride to Bisbee and a helicopter ride to Tucson.

“Fine” is, of course, a relative term for fragile human creatures.  But we’re assured that while things are broken and the human has work ahead of them to get back, really, they’re “fine”.  But, still, it is a scary site to see and empathy immediately goes out to that rider.

Hang tough, fellow rider!  You can take it!

Oh, and, of course, dear reader, you want to know how the bike is doing.  Last we saw, it was not too worse for the wear…but feeling guilty.  A bike doesn’t like to lose its rider, particularly a rider who had already been tossed by another bike (and an angry boar).

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