Our favorite town (although Patagonia is quickly catching up).  Tombstone is nice, but kitchy…and if it didn’t have the bestest brewery in Arizona the humans would probably just sit back at the hotel and chill with me in the parking lot  looking at the mountains.

But, Bisbee!  Ah….here the humans are happy.  Good food.  Art galleries.  People watching.  Oh, lots of people watching…..tourists, of course; artists; miners; ranchers; and cyclists.

But, best thing this year I don’t get locked up in the shed.  Traditionally, all the bikes have had to spend the night in a shed….a very, very cold shed.  But this year, I came up to the room in the Copper Queen.  And, what a room!  Enough room in here for a dozen bikes and the humans.  Oh, and apparently, Teddy Roosevelt slept here….don’t know why that is important.  He rode a horse, not a bike.

Today’s ride was warmer, but just as pretty as always.  Maybe more so because the riparian section was greener than usual due to the snow fall.  We think maybe that’s why the birds are being so vocal this year.  Heck, even the dreaded slog into Bisbee was pleasant today as we had a gentle tailwind to take off the edge.

So, why is Bisbee, *my* favorite town?  Because Bisbee has Mule Pass!  And I get to show off my climbing skills.  As a steel bike I may weigh a little bit more than those plastic bikes, but I have the gears that will let my human get up to the top of the pass just as good if not better than them!  Last year we came up the long side; this year we’ll take the short, steeper climb out of town.  Fun!  (hope the human is up for it!)


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