Path Crossings

Although this is clearly our longest trip, 0ver the years, the human and I have traveled many roads together.  Twice on this very route we have crossed the path of previous trips.

The first was wwwwwaaaaayyyyyy back in Wickenburg, Arizona.  There we crossed the path of the northern desert route for PAC Tour Desert camp, a route we’ve ridden twice in the last few years.

Today as we reached Kosciusko, Mississippi, we had our second crossing.  We’ve been riding now for about 3 weeks… most of that just to reach the Mississippi.  Now that we’re in Mississippi, it was almost inevitable that we would cross the Natchez Trace.  The Trace runs from Nashville, Tennessee to Natchez, Mississippi.  It was originally a hunting trail for the Native Americans and became a major road for the early Americans.

A few years ago we road the entire Natchez Trace.  While the Trace itself is relatively flat, there was one day on the trip where the human and I rode 100 miles.  Today, we also rode 100 miles…. just as we have now for nearly all of the previous 20 days.  Odd, how the first 100 miles into Kosciusko was a big deal — a century in the middle of a multi-day trip!   Yet, today was just another century…. we’ve come a long way…. but we have many miles to go before we reach Georgia.

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