In which I sang….

…as the wind did blow across my drain holes, I sang a pretty tune.  All day, I sang a pretty tune.  But did the human care?  Sigh…. it was a headwind day, like almost every other day we’ve had on this trip, but today was extra strong so the human was… uh….errr….preoccupied by other thoughts and just didn’t listen to my pretty tunes.  Even when we were joined by Mark’s pretty blue Waterford and sang a duet….. sigh…..

But, for a teeny part of the day we saw some tailwind, while most of the day saw crosswinds.  It was the final 20 miles that had stiff headwinds.  How stiff, you ask?  How about sustained 22 mph with gusts to 30mph, most of the time with nothing at all to block the wind.

You see, today we rode the Mississippi delta.  Flat in such a way a Wisconsinites cannot grasp.  A 20 mile ride from Milwaukee to Waukesha sees more change in elevation than we did in 110 miles from Monticello, Arkansas to Indianola, Mississippi.  Heck, the biggest “hill” of the day, was the bridge across the Mississippi River.  And with land that flat, the wind just blows strong.

And so we entered a new state.  Edwin rode with us for most of the morning, but stopped wisely before the winds started kicking up dirt from the harvested fields.  But, soon someone is going to need to have a talk with the gods of the prevailing winds… my tires are getting tired…

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