Who are we?

Who are we?  Well, there are several beautiful steel bikes on the trip (none, quite as pretty as I, of course), some lovely titanium, a handful of aluminum and then some plastic (they call it “carbon fiber”).  The plastic bikes have been hurt really bad on the rough pavement with parts failing, but us metal steeds take it all in stride.  Truly, we are a better breed of bicycle… but wait, that isn’t the answer you were looking for?  You want to know about the *humans*?!?!?!?  Really?!?!?!

OK, if you insist.  The humans that power our engines come from all walks of life.  Of course you have your stereotypical doctors and lawyers, but you’d be surprised at some of their backstories.  But, we have seen engineers (software, mechanical, civil, and even railroad), cops, bankers, judges, auto mechanics, bike mechanics, plumbers, teachers (kids to college). . . like life, the list goes on.

But in the end, they’re all just cyclists.  Some fast; some (like us) slow and the backstory is secondary.  Yet, fascinating as some of their backstories are, the humans really all just think of themselves as a single archetype — a cyclist.  As such, they support one another, offering words of encouragement, whether fast or slow, and regardless of who or what they are when they aren’t riding across the country.

But, I digress.  To catch you up.  Today we left Purcell, OK and road into McAlester, OK.  The day started out oh, so very pretty as we road with Edwin along back country roads.  After dropping Edwin off at the first sag, we continued on for another 30 miles of gorgeous scenery (who knew that Oklahoma was so pretty?).  The afternoon was spent on Route 1, a highway.  Oh, well…. can’t always have quiet roads.  But, I must rest, dear reader, tomorrow is a *big* day…. time cutoffs…. and steep hills……I need my rest.

2 responses to “Who are we?

  1. Ted [Enjoy the Ride]

    Any stories about your contact points between the human and you. For example feet, hands and the dear derriere?


    • Whine…whine…whine…my saddle is too hard…my saddle is too soft….stands up…sits down….no feeling in the left hand, yet my derailleur still shifts just fine…..you know, Ted, it is just hard to keep the human engine happy….


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