Same, but different….

So finally, dear reader, we find ourselves out of the desert, out of the flat, flat prairie and to an elevation where one can breathe, but…. it looks at times a lot like home, but not.

From my viewpoint as a bike, the geographical terrain is very similar.  Short rolling hills are reminiscent of the Kettle Moraine.  It is also green again with trees and grass.   But, really, it is quite different.

The cows in the field, are cattle, not dairy cows and we definitely don’t have long-horn dairy cows back home, not to mention, no cattle egrets sharing the pasture.   And if that doesn’t have you double-taking, the dirt is red clay and there are occasionally oil wells in the fields.

But, really, from the view point of the bike, the roads are a lot like home….really….it is just the scenery that is different and then…. its just a variation on a theme.

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