Riding into history

Today was a rare day, indeed, dear readers, for the crossing.  Today we almost had a tailwind.  Mostly crosswind, but it gave us just a little push forward for a change.  Good thing, too, as the debris on the road brought us down twice with flats.

Today’s ride took us from Roswell, NM to Clovis, NM.  From the supposed sighting of aliens to the site of what was once thought to be the location of the earliest inhabitation of the Americas.  Clovis became the prototypical site for all analysis of archaeological investigation.  Because of the radiocarbon dating of the site, it also became the basis for the theory that all occupation of the Americas came from crossing the Bering Strait land bridge.

Since then, however, both of those theories have fallen.  Within the last 25-30 years a significant number of sites, some pre-dating Clovis by more than 10,000 years, have been found and verified.  One of these is just down the street from us in Kenosha, WI.  Clovis is old (12,000 BP), but not uniquely old.  The Bering Straight land bridge was probably used, but so were other routes.

Never the less, riding from aliens to paleo-hunter/gatherer society in a single day added some fun to the route.  Today more cattle lots and less high prairie grazing.

Tomorrow…. Edwin will join us on the road for the first 35 miles!  Woohoo!  Hope he and his human do well.

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