Don’t forget your towel

The most awesome thing happened today outside of Roswell, New Mexico.  We were toodling along the plateau when off to our right was a great wall of dark from the ground up to the clouds.  It looked just like Close Encounters.  Cool.  The aliens were coming.

And I knew it because the wind that the alien ship kicked up was really making life hard for my human.  Then, off in the distance….

uh….Edwina..[hush, Edwin, you can tell the story about your hand later]

…off in the distance, the alien ship let out a laser bolt and 2 seconds later, a massive crashing sound….

uh….Edwina…[Edwin, we’ll tell all about your hand later…contrary to your nightmare replays, you are not Luke]

….then the wind got even stronger and the alien ship must have taken off because it kicked up dust and dumped a bunch of water on us as it took off.

OK, Edwina….you do realize that was just a thunderstorm, right?  The human and Clyde ride those to and from work all the time…..

No way…. that was just a thunderstorm?  No aliens?  But we’re in Roswell.  Aren’t there supposed to be aliens here?  I was promised aliens.  Sigh…… darn….

But, for the important news…. my new hand arrived today and the human put it on for me.  I’m out of the lunch trailer and in the hotel room.  I might even get to ride tomorrow if my human is doing OK.  The elevation is lower and the winds should be favorable for a short jaunt.  Woohoo!

One response to “Don’t forget your towel

  1. Edwin — So happy to hear about your hand! Can’t wait for your reports from the road. Cheers!


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